Empowering Learning: The Role of SHIFT-HUB Catalog in Smart Health Education

The SHIFT-HUB Catalog of educational resources has been developed in response to the rapidly evolving technological landscape and the pressing need to bridge the digital gap in healthcare knowledge. The European Union‘s ambitious goal to upskill 70% of the adult population by 2025 aligns with the vision of the SHIFT-HUB project, which aims to address the educational needs of the Smart Health community. 


The main issue the Catalog tackles is the need for upskilling healthcare workers and enhancing the digital capabilities of the general population in the face of advancing digital health technologies.  

In recognition of the significance of these matters, SHIFT-HUB now offers an online repository comprising 189 educational resources. These resources, organized across 15 thematic categories, cover essential topics such as artificial intelligence, data science, cybersecurity, and smart health applications, catering not only to healthcare professionals and patients, but also to entrepreneurs, SMEs, companies, and students.

The aim is to empower individuals with accessible online learning resources, contributing to the broader goal of narrowing disparities in digital skills. 


Design process & Methodology 


The Catalog’s development was grounded in a comprehensive methodology. It combined two approaches: an Educational Needs Assessment Survey to understand the learning preferences of the Smart Health community and an independent resource search on EU-funded project websites and other privately funded sources. 

The results of the survey present the characteristics and preferences of a sample of 357 individuals. The sample is mainly composed of highly educated Portuguese adults, working or studying in research and academia fields. The survey reveals that most respondents prefer blended learning methods, use health technologies infrequently, and are interested in artificial intelligence and digital health. The survey also shows that the respondents value low-cost, open-access, and certified educational resources. Preference was given to contents supported by reputable institutions like Erasmus+, the European Institute of Technology, and various EU-funded initiatives to deliver a credible and relevant information. 

The desk research process involved a systematic search methodology, starting with the definition of research objectives and outlining specific themes and areas related to EU-funded projects. Trustworthy information was sourced from reputable databases, official project websites, academic repositories, and government sources, with an emphasis on official and reputable institutions. 

Transparency was maintained throughout the process, with proper citation practices and documentation of the search process. This to ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of the research process. 


The Educational resources Catalog has a multilingual approach, offering content in English, Spanish, German, and other European languages 

The catalog stands as a testament to the commitment to bridging the digital gap in healthcare education. Through it, SHIFT-HUB aims to contribute to the future of Smart Health education and to the broader European goal of upskilling the adult population, fostering a digitally capable society. 

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