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Are you eager to boost your health and prevent disease? Then join us today and expand your knowledge with SHIFT-HUB Games!

SHIFT-HUB has created a captivating and immersive e-learning journey for both patients and citizens, aimed at enhancing their awareness of health-related matters and fostering healthy lifestyles to promote overall well-being and disease prevention.

In response to the mounting challenges faced by the European health and care sectors, such as the escalating burden of chronic diseases, an ageing population and the rising demand for personalised care, SHIFT-HUB’s Smart Health app is a cutting-edge digital tool that harnesses the immense potential of digital technologies to transform and improve healthcare delivery.

The app is specifically designed to empower individuals by elevating their digital health literacy and promoting a proactive and personalised approach to health management in a relaxed and playful way.

Hosted on a single digital platform in the form of a classic arcade machine, each of the games tackles one of the five pressing health challenges that SHIFT-HUB is working on:

  • The Card Association game centers around disease prevention;
  • The Drag&Drop game educates about chronic diseases;
  • In the Basket collection game participants engage in collecting items in a basket to learn about making healthy lifestyle choices and prevent cardiovascular diseases;
  • The Quiz game focuses on mental disorders;
  • The Simulation game immerses players in a captivating experience to enhance their knowledge about cancer prevention.

With these games, SHIFT-HUB strives to make a vital contribution to disease prevention and the adoption of healthier lifestyles.

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