SHIFT-HUB Catalogue of Services

SHIFT-HUB is pioneering an interactive ecosystem designed to expedite the integration of Smart Health Technologies across Europe.

Fostering Smart Health Technologies for a Connected Future

SHIFT-HUB‘s offerings unfold in three dynamic streams, each tailored to address the multifaceted challenges and opportunities within the Smart Health domain:

We specialize in creating robust connections within the Smart Health community, focusing on involving stakeholders at every level with a practice-driven nature, fostering open, collaborative, and user-centric innovation. Our engagement services encompass identifying needs to bringing together digital health providers, facilitating the involvement and interaction with practitioners and end users, fostering a collaborative landscape primed for innovation.

Scaling up is the game, and we are the coaches. SHIFT-HUB stands ready to nurture the potential of emerging solutions and collaborations. We deliver comprehensive support through a cross-fertilization process among representative stakeholders of the Smart Health community, across the dimensions of the quadruple helix, to co-design and co-develop solutions answering the current sectorial challenges. We connect technology providers with the key ecosystem actors (healthcare practitioners, hospitals, patients etc), the resources and guidance needed to evolve from concept to market readiness.

With a keen eye on the horizon, we guide Smart Health solutions through the complex journey to market. Our market navigation services facilitate access to funding for technology providers and solutions as well as support discovery, demonstration and test before invest activities.

Strategic Phases of Implementation for Maximum Impact

Our approach unfolds in three strategic phases, ensuring a seamless transition from ideation to impact:

We build the foundation by engaging a critical mass of stakeholders and digital health innovators, aligning needs with technological capabilities.

We propel technology providers towards co-creation, scaling, and investment by offering a suite of Support & Connect services.

Finally, we amplify the development and uptake of Smart Health solutions through tailored value-added services, completing the cycle of innovation to integration.

Comprehensive Service Offerings Tailored to Community Needs

SHIFT HUB’s complete service package transcends traditional boundaries, encompassing everything from networking and matchmaking to professional development:

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