SHIFT-HUB Community Platform, Focus Group & Matchmaking

In order to establish a pan-European Smart Health Innovation Hub, SHIFT-HUB wants to develop and test with the community a complete service offer, integrating networking and matchmaking, identification of partners and support for procurement, along with guidance for access to funding, research infrastructures and scientific expertise. To reach this important objective, the project has launched a Community page, a Focus Group e-Health and a Matchmaking Platform.

The SHIFT-HUB Community is open to all users interested in the digital health topic, including health practitioners or public and private health organisations, technology providers, knowledge and infrastructures providers, innovation intermediaries, public authorities, and individual citizens. By joining through a simple registration form, you will receive relevant information about events, materials and opportunities promoted by the project.

If you are looking for a more active role within the Community, alongside numerous opportunities for visibility and networking, SHIFT-HUB and the European DIGITAL SME Alliance have launched a new Focus Group on e-Health. By joining, Members can engage in networking activities, participate to tailored events, provide inputs on EU policy developments, and explore the integration of innovative technologies (AI, Data, XR, IoTs) in the e-Health sector. The key pathologies identified by SHIFT-HUB are chronic diseases, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders, and the topic of disease prevention. The main activities can take the form of discussions, feedback sessions, polls, events, and collaborative projects that empower members to share their market solutions, expertise, and opinions.

Finally, SHIFT-HUB launched its first online brokerage activity on the matchmaking platform, where already more than 230 users registered for the event. The matchmaking platform is dedicated to facilitating the matchmaking activities and is designed to easily connect users and potential partners for networking, procurement, or business purposes. Registered users can showcase their organisations and products, initiate direct conversations via the messaging system and a one-to-one automatic virtual meetings functionality will be activated during ad hoc events.

If you want to know more, please reach out to us at [email protected] or to Gabriele Casalini ([email protected]) for more detailed information on the platform and how to join.

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