SHIFT-HUB Project Partner Meeting in Barcelona: Fostering Progress and Collaboration

Barcelona, Spain – On the 20th and 21st of September, the SHIFT-HUB consortium came together for their second in-person partner meeting. This two-days event, held in the beautiful city of Barcelona, marked an important milestone in the project’s journey, which is now nine months into its development.

The first day of the partner meeting was dedicated to sharing updates on the project’s progress across different work packages. It served as a platform for partners to share insights and experiences gained during the initial phase of the project. A series of workshops were conducted, which covered topics ranging from communication and dissemination measures to technical demonstrations. The first workshop – conducted by IPPOCRATE AS – focused on enhancing the communication and dissemination strategy. Effective communication is vital in ensuring that the SHIFT-HUB project reaches its target audience and maximizes its impact. Partners brainstormed ideas and explored innovative approaches to disseminating project information and results. In a second workshop, project partner Cleyrop took the opportunity to present a first demonstration of the technical platform they’ve been developing. Additionally, KiNNO introduced the SHIFT-HUB service offers, soon to be published on the SHIFT-HUB website. These workshops led to collaboration and fruitful discussions among the project partners. This first day was concluded with a joint dinner.

On the second day, the SHIFT-HUB consortium relocated to the World Trade Centre in Barcelona, participating in the Open Living Lab Days. At this conference, the project was presented through a booth, providing an excellent opportunity to connect with various stakeholders interested in the field of living labs.

In the afternoon, the project partners showcased SHIFT-HUB at the speakers’ corner, sparking engaging discussions with three experts in the field of living labs, particularly in the context of digital health: Dr. Teemu Santonen, Principal lecturer at Laurea University of Applied Sciences, from Finland, Juan A. Bertolin, General Manager at Fundació General de la Universitat Jaume from Spain and Eva Kehayia, Associate Professor at the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy at McGill University in Montréal.

In summary, the SHIFT-HUB partner meeting in Barcelona was an excellent opportunity for partners to share their progress, cooperate in fruitful discussions and engage with experts and stakeholders in the field of digital health and living labs.

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