SHIFT-HUB Halfway Point: Reflecting on Accomplishments and Looking Ahead

The SHIFT-HUB project has reached its 18-month milestone, marking the halfway point of this 36-month EU-funded journey. It’s an opportune time to reflect on early achievements and look ahead to future developments. The aim of the project is to create a network that brings together stakeholders from business, science, policy and society across Europe to promote the development and uptake of smart health technologies and services.

Development of SHIFT-HUB Services

In the initial months, efforts focused on developing SHIFT-HUB services to address the diverse challenges and opportunities in Smart Health. The offerings unfold in three dynamic streams:

  • Involvement Services including community building and engagement facilitation
  • Growth services through comprehensive support in a cross-fertilisation process
  • Route-to-Market Services helping technology providers access funding and supporting discovery, demonstration, and test-before-invest activities.

Learn more about the SHIFT-HUB service offers here.

Community Engagement: Launch of the SHIFT-HUB Community

The SHIFT-HUB community  has been created to manage the wide range of stakeholders and connecting them to the services offered by the project while providing a tailored space to receive information, be invited in relevant events and exchange best practices. This includes health practitioners, public and private health organizations, technology providers, knowledge and infrastructure providers, innovation intermediaries, public authorities, and individual citizens. Through a simple registration process, members receive updates on events, materials, and project-promoted opportunities.

For stakeholders seeking a more active role, SHIFT-HUB and the European DIGITAL SME Alliance launched a Focus Group on e-Health. Members can engage in networking activities, participate in tailored events, provide inputs on EU policy developments, and explore the integration of technologies like AI, Data, XR, and IoT in the e-Health sector. Key focus areas include chronic diseases, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders, and disease prevention.

Learn more about the SHIFT-HUB community and Focus Group here.

Educational Resources: Bridging the Digital Gap

Recognizing the need to upskill healthcare workers and enhance digital capabilities of the general public, the SHIFT-HUB Catalogue of educational resources was developed. This online repository, comprising 189 resources across 15 thematic categories, addresses essential topics such as AI, data science, cybersecurity, and smart health applications. These resources cater to healthcare professionals, patients, entrepreneurs, SMEs, companies, and students, contributing to narrowing disparities in digital skills.

Learn more about the SHIFT-HUB Catalogue of educational resources here.

Events and Workshops

A cornerstone of the SHIFT-HUB project is organizing workshops and events to connect and educate stakeholders, thereby advancing smart health technologies. These activities have been crucial in fostering innovation, collaboration, and knowledge exchange among diverse participants. Numerous successful events and workshops have marked the journey so far, each designed to address specific needs for the development of smart health technologies:

  • Access to Funding Workshops: These workshops provide critical insights and practical advice on how to secure funding for smart health initiatives. Participants learn about various funding opportunities, application processes, and strategies for creating compelling proposals to attract investment.
  • Open Innovation Workshops: These sessions focus on fostering collaborative innovation among stakeholders. They provide a platform for sharing ideas, discussing challenges, and developing joint solutions. By bringing together diverse perspectives, these workshops help in generating innovative approaches to pressing health issues.
  • Living Labs: In this workshop format participants can test and validate new technologies and solutions. They have the opportunity to observe and interact with smart health applications in action, gaining firsthand experience and providing feedback. This hands-on approach helps in refining and improving technologies before broader implementation.
  • Demo Days: These events showcase the latest advancements and innovations in smart health. Technology providers and innovators present their solutions to an audience of potential investors, partners, and end-users. Demo days are pivotal for gaining visibility, receiving constructive feedback, and forging new collaborations.
  • Networking Events: These gatherings are essential for building and strengthening relationships within the smart health ecosystem. They provide opportunities for stakeholders to connect, share experiences, and explore potential partnerships. Networking events often lead to new collaborations and initiatives that drive the sector forward.

By organizing these diverse events, the SHIFT-HUB project supports stakeholders across the entire value chain, from initial concept development to market entry. These activities not only facilitate the adoption of smart health technologies but also help in building a cohesive and dynamic community committed to advancing digital health.

Stay updated on future SHIFT-HUB events here.

Looking Ahead: Upcoming Initiatives

Several exciting initiatives are on the horizon for the next 18 months:

➔ Launch of the Apps Repository for Smart Health Apps

➔ Launch of the SHIFT-HUB Smart Health App, introducing gamified learning and engagement tools through 5 different games

➔ Launch of the SHIFT-HUB Technical Platform, providing a Data Hub where Health Data can be stored, shared and analysed

➔ The upcoming SHIFT-HUB conference and partner meeting in Thessaloniki (11th of June 2024)

➔ More Workshops: continuing our series of workshops to foster innovation and collaboration

Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to get involved!

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